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What you should know about homemade color copies

Color copies are very important for small and large businesses but not only that. Color copies have a lot of advantages in the world of business and today a lot of individuals start to realize the importance of making color copies. This is because today you can make color copies of anything you need starting from documents to important photographs.

Color copies used to be expensive and thanks to the improvements in the technology, they became much more affordable. You can make color copies in different ways, and one of the most popular ways of having them done in case that you need them for your personal use is with the help of home print machines.

Even though home printers are not very professional, in the sense that they don’t provide the same quality of copies as you can get when using the services of online print stores, they are totally acceptable when you are in a need of just a couple of copies for your individual needs. In case that you are planning to make up to 10 – 20 color copies on your home printer, then just go for it. Small number of copies can be cost effective when made on home printers, but when you are in a need of bulk copies, homemade color copies are not the best solution but rather online or local print stores, where you will be able to save both time and money.

In case that you are willing to do some homemade color copies, it is very important that you make some calculations in order to find out how much you will be paying per one color copy. How to make such calculations? Don’t worry, as this is very easy. For example, you need to take into consideration the cost of toner, the cost of paper and the overall cost of the printer.

Color Copies
Color Copies

Calculating the price of the paper is very easy. You should know how much you paid per one paper pack and then check out how many papers are there in one pack. For example, if the pack of papers have cost $10 and there are 1000 papers per pack, it is very easy to calculate that one paper will cost 1 cent. The mentioned price is just fictional to help you explain better how you can get to the price of the one unit of paper.

Other thing that should be taken into consideration and that will hugely affect the price of homemade cheap color copies is the price of the toner. This is more difficult to calculate. However, here is one tip – when you bought your toner, on its package you will find the information of how many pages can be printer with one toner. For example, one cartridge can print around 500 paper sheets, and if price of the toner was somewhere around $20, then you can easily come to a conclusion that the cost of toner per one unit of paper will be around 50 cents.

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