EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

EDDM USPS Mail Printing Can Solve Your Local Marketing Woes


EDDM USPS mail printing is important so that you can get your promotional mail printed according to standards that would allow them to be sent through EDDM. What is EDDM, anyway? It stands for Every Door Direct Mail, a program put up by the USPS to aid businesses in marketing to local areas. With EDDM, any business can now do away with direct mailing, which is tedious and requires plenty of work to carry out. Just send 200-5000 pieces of promotional mail to the Post Office Retail Unit of the locality which you want your marketing efforts to cover. Then trust the courier to carry them to different local households.
So why opt for EDDM when marketing in the local scene? Why not just go with E-mail marketing? Of course, both of them can be part of a coherent and successful marketing plan. But E-mail marketing has weaknesses which sending mail through EDDM can remedy. E-mails sometimes tend to be treated as spam by many prospective customers who don’t know the existence of your business yet. Also, people don’t usually read E-mails intently; they just browse them, thus making them skip important information about your business. Live mail, which comes up relatively rarely right now, attracts prospective customers at first sight and has a higher chance of getting read fully.


EDDM is also desirable because of its affordability. Signing up for the EDDM program, though required before you can use EDDM for marketing, is free, and you don’t have to pay any annual fees. You have to send a minimum of 200 pieces of promotional mail and a maximum of 5000 pieces; you will have to pay 14.2 cents per piece. So that’s affordable. You just have to spend roughly $30 to roughly $700 dollars, depending on your budget and your coverage. Perhaps if you belong to the staff of a small business, or you’re running one, you don’t have to send more than 1000 pieces of mail per round of mailing to a locality, which converts to no more than $150 per round.


Mail sent through EDDM should satisfy certain standards when it comes to size. Just opt for EDDM USPS mail printing so that not only you’ll satisfy the standards for your printed mail; you’ll also get discounts which will allow you to save your marketing budget. You can also have your mail printed by a commercial printing shop, but be sure you are adequately funded for that. Printing your promotional mail through an ordinary printer, however, seems way over the top; not only will the task be hard, but you may also spend plenty of money on the toner needed to create marketing-grade mail.


So there, you now know the wonders that EDDM can bring to your business. If you are thinking right now of carrying out your promotional campaign through EDDM, then you will do well to print mail through EDDM USPS mail printing. Not only will you get high-quality mail; you will also get them in bulk and affordably.


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